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MAMBO CLASSIC pelle + vernice

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4 Benefits of our dance shoes

✅ Avoid knee pain.

✅ Avoid other injuries caused by friction

✅ More confidence while dancing

✅ Upgrade your dance skills faster.

By investing in high-quality dance shoes you'll not get injuries that stop you from dancing.


About the shoes

Break your Limits dance shoes are made for men who like to dance; If you are looking for the right shoes, here you can find our selection to dance Salsa, Mambo, Tango and many other dance genres.

After many years of experience in the dance scene and many broken dance shoes for different reasons, we spoke with our Italian manufacturer about, how can we create the best dance shoes.

This is how we came up with the Break your Limits dance shoes. The highest quality of the materials and the greatest comfort while dancing. No more knee pain or foot discomfort.

Here is why our dance shoes are perfect for dancing: balanced, flexible, breathable, and extremely comfortable, even after wearing them for many hours!

The dance shoes for men that put a new spin on your favourite dance moves.



50% high-quality leather, 50% lacquer suede foot sole.


We ship the shoes on the same day of ordering with high-priority shipping.

🇳🇱 1-2 days.

🇪🇺 2-5 days.

Customer Reviews

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Very satisfied

These are my first pair of dance shoes and after half a year of dancing every day, still good quality. I feel like my dancing is better when putting on these.



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