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About Break Your Limits

How did Break your Limits become what it is today?

For that, we have to go back in time a little. 

Roberto has been dancing since he was a little kid and started with ballet. He graduated in classical ballet and modern jazz from the Royal Ballet School.

At the age of 7, he started dancing salsa. And by age 14 he was already travelling every weekend, from salsa congress to salsa congress. Not much later he started dancing in New York learning from big names such as 
Fernando Sosa (tropical gem), Frankie Martinez, Franklin Diaz, Yamulee, Eddie Torres and Alvin Ailey.

After the New York adventure, Roberto moved to Amsterdam with his brother to teach people everything about dancing, sharing his passion and knowledge with students.

Many students kept on asking questions about dancing, and to add more depth to the training Break your Limits was born.


What is Break your Limits?

Break your Limits is a project for men who want to learn or improve their salsa skills in Amsterdam. We work on salsa technique, musicality, attitude and confidence, body workouts and social dance etiquette.

  • The class is weekly.
  • We perform our choreographies in international festivals.
  • We offer the possibility of private classes to improve any individual elements if needed.

(Interested in private classes? Click HERE to book your first private lesson.)


Our values

  • Growth mindset. A growth mindset is a state of belief about how you handle challenges and setbacks. People with a growth mindset think that abilities and skills are not set in stone and that they can improve with work overtime.


  • Mind and body positivity. A positive mindset helps you achieve your
    milestones faster. We believe in the power of affirmations. Also, we encourage anyone to dance no matter their age, looks, cultural
    background or anything else.


  • Dance ethics. Dance ethics is referring to your relationship and commitment to learning and going the extra mile, to fail and accept constructive feedback. It also refers to how we treat our teammates, dance partners and other people while dancing.  


Our Mission

Work on your attitude and build your confidence, so the best version of you as a dancer comes out. It's in you, we just need to push the right buttons!

We create better dancing leaders on the salsa dance floor. We want you to express yourself and discover your true dancing potential. We will break down the mind-imposed limits and get to the side of growth and exploration.



Break your Limits is more than just dancing; we're a family and an amazing community that supports each other, shows up, does the hard work, and has fun going to parties, festivals, and Latino events together.


A personal note from Roberto

What I see often in the Netherlands, after a few years living here, is a lot of men struggling to be a LEADER on the dance floor. They are doubting and look very insecure about their dancing skills.

Break your Limits is an initiative for salsa men dancers who want to discover their highest dancing potential.

Men tend to focus on leading the lady, but how can we achieve that if we are not comfortable with ourselves first?

What we want to communicate to the community is that knowing the dance steps is not enough to be a confident dancer, it takes more than that..

You need to always work on yourself; how you carry yourself through life and how you interact with others, your actions in reaching your potential make you a better dancer and person too.

If you have any questions or notes, please send us a message. We love to speak with you.

Thanks for taking the time to read and we hope to see you soon!


— Roberto Lesiati and the Break your Limits team.

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